Javier Martinez Urigüen

Partner at the Logroño office

Fco. Javier Martínez Urigüen y Martínez de Carnero

Born into a family of industrialists from La Rioja (Imprenta Moderna), Javier studied at the Jesuit School in Logroño and his basic training is as follows:


Graduate in Economic and Business Science. Universidad de Deusto (ESTE-San Sebastián).
Certified Public Accountant. Member of the Spanish Official Auditors' Register (ROAC) and of the Spanish Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management (Universidad de Comillas-ICADE).
Advanced Senior Executive Programme (Universidad de Comillas-ICADE).
Advanced Programme in Strategic Management (ESIC Business & Marketing School).

His career is as follows:





Horwath & Horwath España, S.A. (Barcelona). International Audit Firm. Auditing Spanish companies (for six months).
Coopers & Lybrand, S.A. (Madrid). International Audit Firm. Auditing large Spanish companies and the subsidiaries of multinationals in Spain.
General de Fabricaciones Electrónicas, S.A. (Madrid). Financial and Administrative Controller.
Coopers & Lybrand, S.A. (Logroño). Having arrived from Madrid, he became the Audit Manager of this firm in Logroño.
Rivercap, S.A. (Lapuebla de Labarca – Álava). Manufacturer of tin capsules for wine bottles with an international projection. CEO of this company from 2000. This experience engendered his particular knowledge of production process improvement systems.
Beginning of AuditAbe’s activities.
Constitution of AuditAbe Auditores & Consultores, S.L., with offices in Logroño and Pamplona.
Integration of AuditAbe in Baker Tilly International.

His wide industrial experience enables AuditAbe to focus the audit from a business perspective and not only accounting, which represents a distinguishing feature in this industry. This experience also qualifies AuditAbe to help the entrepreneur improve the management of the company.

Similarly, his qualifications and experience in strategic management, internationalisation and industrial production process improvement, make it possible for AuditAbe to implement consulting projects with a wide and general vision and always taking the economic-financial perspective into account.

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